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Miami is home to numerous entertainment spots, theaters, museums, historic gems, as well as performing arts centers. This destination features natural attractions which can satisfy your inner explorer. As a matter of fact, Miami hosts one of America’s most impressive collections of Art Deco architectures and is home to one of the oldest buildings in the Western hemisphere. It offers the best experience on vocations while learning the electric history of Miami and its unique geography, historical parks, and architecture.

Many visitors from different places around the globe arrive to this destination to party at night and bake in the sun. However, there are many things to do in this place for any traveler. Miami hosts annual festivals such as Calle Ocho Festival and Carnaval Miami both which attract numerous visitors to the city. The Adrienne Arsht Center is one of America’s largest performing arts center. These scene attracts many different ballets, musicals, concerts, and operas from all over the world.

From indulgent spas to art deco museums to fine dining, Miami has it all for your vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a jaunt with friends, a family vacation, or a couple’s getaway, there are plenty of attractions for all kinds of visitors.

National parks such as Biscayne National Park, Everglades National Park, and Big Cypress National Preserve contribute to Miami’s natural beauty. Create some exciting memories at the largest marine park in the United States National Park System (Biscayne National Park) as you learn about different underwater resources. The park is the best place for anyone looking for a unique diving and snorkeling adventure.

Head to the Miami Beach and spent some time at the famous Art Deco Historic District. Here you’ll explore the largest Art Deco architecture collection you’ve ever seen. Movies such as Bad Boys and Scarface feature some of the iconic boutique hotels in this location.

You can’t afford to miss the world’s largest exhibition event at Art Basel Miami during your vacation in Miami. Art Basel is usually all about delight and surprise. The fair offers visitors an opportunity to witness different works from top artists in the world. Spent time strolling through the South Beach as you explore public art and installations. Miami has much to offer for everyone. Plan your visit.