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Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Travel |

While it is important to make big plans regarding flights and Eu rail passes when planning to visit Europe consider the fact that the continent has long-haul bus services which you can comfortably use when moving around. Most travelers forget about this long-haul bus services in Europe. The challenge, however, comes when it comes to finding the right bus service because of the many bus routes available.

Travelling directly from London to Paris can be quite easy. If you are travelling further afield you may either use local bus operators or board a train from Paris. Well, there are those who don’t just like the hassle and uncertainty of looking for bus stops or stations. Others find it difficult to interpret or understand the timetables since they are in a different language. The best option is such cases use a company in the United Kingdom to book your entire route.

Booking your route in advance allows you to choose your preferred times of departure and arrival. Furthermore, you are able to get the best possible prices for the tickets. Another advantage of booking your bus route in advance is that you can be assured of the quality and comfort on board. You have enough time to choose your preferred bus. For instance, you could go for an iDBUS which has adjustable seats, plug sockets, pre-booking, free Wi-Fi, and bilingual staff.

A bus company helps travelers to find better services on board. For instance, if you are disabled or you are in the company of such a person the company can investigate on your behalf since accessibility on public transport differs across Europe. A simple inquiry by phone or email by the company can help you find accessibility and comfort on public transport.

Most bus service providers require passengers to be at the station at least thirty minutes before the departing time. Take note of this instruction when booking to avoid being late. Know more about it here

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Luxor, Egypt

Also referred to as the greatest open-air museum in the world, Luxor is an extraordinary place with monuments that survived from ancient Thebes. Visiting this city offers you a chance to explore the unparalleled archeological heritage as well as the magic of the Theban landscape. The setting of this place is really beautiful. The scale and grandeur of the monuments in this place can’t be compared with anything in the world. Learn about the power of the Thebes as well as the western travelers in the 18th century at this open museum in Egypt.

Ephesus, Turkey

Turkey is home to hundreds of classical ruins and ancient cities but Ephesus seems to be the best preserved city. If you want to have a feel of how life was like many centuries in the past this is the place. Ancient Ephesus is known to have been a great trading center. However, this ancient city became the center for the cult of Cybele. The city is usually less crowded in the late afternoon and morning. This is the best time to visit. Consider not visiting during public holidays. Remember to carry your own water since drinks are more expensive at the site.


Built in the third century BC, the city of Petra has a rich history of trade routes, temples, and sandstone cliffs. To reach this spectacular city, one has to use the legendary 1.2 kilometer-long, high-sided Siq. Some of the exciting attractions in this place include the Treasury (Al-Khaszen), Greek-style pillars, plinths, alcoves, tombs, a theater, and cliffs.

Persepolis, Iran

Persepolis has everything you need to know about the ancient Achaemenid Empire from its greatest successes to its demise. The place features exquisite reliefs, monumental staircases, and gateways all which reveal how the empire operated. After exploring these features, you’ll certainly perceive that the empire had an emphatic and merciless ending. If you are coming between May and October bring with you a hat, water, and sunglasses.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Many people have wondered how the impeccable geometry and extraordinary shape of the Giza pyramids were built. Ancient Egyptians seem to have had great achievements considering their success in this ancient pyramids. Spend some time in Giza, Egypt exploring this structures which have stood strong for centuries.

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Are you looking for things to do in Las Vegas during your Vacation trip? Also known as “Sin City” Las Vegas has lots to offer from the fun available in the casinos to taking a helicopter tour to shopping at world-class shopping venues. Whether you’ve just arrived for a family trip or a shotgun wedding, Las Vegas offers the best restaurants to eat, the best shows, and major attractions that will make your vacation memorable.

  • Tour the Strip

You can decide to explore the Strip on foot if you have the stamina or ride on one the city’s double decker buses at $6 for a 2-hour ride. For a whole day ride you’ll have to pay $8. Alternatively, you can get yourself a 3-day pass at $20 and enjoy the interaction with fellow passengers.

  • The Bellagio Casino and Fountains

Located on the midsection of the Strip, the Bellagio Casino is the perfect joint to spend some time placing a bet. This Strip staple offers a variety of games for visitors.

  • Check out an Offbeat Museum

Las Vegas is home to various Museums including the Mob Museum where you can learn about the involvement of mafias in the rise of the city. At the Atomic Testing, you’ll learn about the history of nuclear-weapons as well as the Nevada Test Site. You’ll have a taste of what it feels to have seen one of the many tests carried out at the Nevada test site between 1951 and 1992. You can as well learn about the history of Las Vegas at the Neon Museum located towards the north end of the Strip. Don’t forget to admire some old-school arcade games at the Pinball Hall of Fame.

  • Adventure

If you are not the kind that lays money on the line and plays table games its time you went where the real thrill-seekers hang. Visiting Las Vegas doesn’t have to be about an indoor vacation within a windowless building. Get away from the action in hotels and casinos for a real adventure in the desert surrounding the city.

  • Have Some Laughs at a Comedy Club

Las Vegas has Comedy showrooms such as Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club in the MGM Grand and Improv at Harrah’s. A little laughter is a great way to relax from the rough moments during the day at the tables. Visit these spots and laugh until you cry. You’ll certainly feel better.

  • Ride at the Stratosphere

Head north along Boulevard towards Nevada’s tallest building (stratosphere) for a thrill ride.

The list of things to do in Las Vegas is endless. Las Vegas is known as the World’s entertainment Capital and everything around this city will make your vacation exciting and worth it.

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Miami is home to numerous entertainment spots, theaters, museums, historic gems, as well as performing arts centers. This destination features natural attractions which can satisfy your inner explorer. As a matter of fact, Miami hosts one of America’s most impressive collections of Art Deco architectures and is home to one of the oldest buildings in the Western hemisphere. It offers the best experience on vocations while learning the electric history of Miami and its unique geography, historical parks, and architecture.

Many visitors from different places around the globe arrive to this destination to party at night and bake in the sun. However, there are many things to do in this place for any traveler. Miami hosts annual festivals such as Calle Ocho Festival and Carnaval Miami both which attract numerous visitors to the city. The Adrienne Arsht Center is one of America’s largest performing arts center. These scene attracts many different ballets, musicals, concerts, and operas from all over the world.

From indulgent spas to art deco museums to fine dining, Miami has it all for your vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you are on a jaunt with friends, a family vacation, or a couple’s getaway, there are plenty of attractions for all kinds of visitors.

National parks such as Biscayne National Park, Everglades National Park, and Big Cypress National Preserve contribute to Miami’s natural beauty. Create some exciting memories at the largest marine park in the United States National Park System (Biscayne National Park) as you learn about different underwater resources. The park is the best place for anyone looking for a unique diving and snorkeling adventure.

Head to the Miami Beach and spent some time at the famous Art Deco Historic District. Here you’ll explore the largest Art Deco architecture collection you’ve ever seen. Movies such as Bad Boys and Scarface feature some of the iconic boutique hotels in this location.

You can’t afford to miss the world’s largest exhibition event at Art Basel Miami during your vacation in Miami. Art Basel is usually all about delight and surprise. The fair offers visitors an opportunity to witness different works from top artists in the world. Spent time strolling through the South Beach as you explore public art and installations. Miami has much to offer for everyone. Plan your visit.

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